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Railway Heritage for Sustainable Tourism Development

In line with the aim of the European Year of Rail and strategic priorities of the Visegrad Group in 2021, the main goal of the proposed project is to raise awareness about the role of railways for V4 sustainable tourism development, through unique branding and presentation of railway heritage, in situ and on a digital platform.


selected partners


Accents of the industrial past of Veliki Liman

The identity of Veliki Liman, an area that has been organically transformed quite intensively over a century, is determined by a specific way of permeating manufacturing and industrial activities, progressive social ideas and activism, economic and technological achievements, and productivity and creativity, collectivism and individuality. 


BANAT narrow-gauge railway

The history of the Banat narrow-gauge railway is a narrative about the rise and development of populated places on the line along which it operated. That line stretched between the then county centre, Veliki Beckerek (today Zrenjanin) and Zombolj (today Jimbolia, Romania), the seat of one of the wealthiest Banat landowners, the Cekonjic family.


Railway heritage of Novi Sad _ railns

In the European year of Rail we have the opportunity to contribute to the popularization and preservation of railway heritage in our area and to make it accessible to wider sections of society. 


elek's factory

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the deportation of Jews from Zrenjanin and Banat, on August 18, 2021, at 12 p.m., as part of the Stolpersteine program, the exhibition Elek’s Factory will be opened at the National Museum Zrenjanin.

Expert forum

The role of documentary film in the protection of cultural heritage

Documenting cultural heritage is an important part of the process of its identification and protection, which is sometimes a particularly demanding task due to the nature of certain types of heritage. What are the benefits of audiovisual documentation?



Deciphering the remaining signs of the Jews by the biographical reconstruction of history, the authors pointed to prosperity, and then to the tragic fate of the Jewish community in Novi Sad.


almaš (re)creative hub

Looking to the future, we recognized the potential of the Cultural Station Svilara in creating creative energy at a higher level, through a kind of creative hub.



The exhibition visualizes organic changes in the purpose of historical buildings in a unique way, from their construction in the 1920s to what they are currently being transformed into.

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